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Summer Safety

Good preparation is key to summer safety for people with developmental disabilities so they can avoid health risks such as dehydration, sunburn, and water-related accidents. Read more.

DODD Health and Safety Alert: Staying Safe on Social Media and Online

Because of the internet’s accessibility, people with developmental disabilities need to be mindful of how others might use the internet’s capabilities to steal from or harass them. Direct support professionals and families can help keep people safe using these tips. Find out how

Preventative Care

Part of kicking off a new calendar year is making sure the people you serve are scheduled for routine screenings and renew their commitment to healthy living. Providers should also incorporate ways to make preventive health care more comfortable for the person. Making trips to the doctor or dentist more enjoyable and easy can help encourage the person to stay up to date with screenings and check-ups. Read More ›

Health and Welfare Alert – September 1

This alert provides critical information to caregivers about misappropriation. In 2016, there were 901 substantiated, or confirmed, theft allegations involving people with developmental disabilities in Ohio.

Click Here to read the alert! 

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