Summit DD COVID Response Team Update and Upcoming Provider Meeting

As a result of a rise in positive COVID-19 cases and exposure situations, Summit DD is restarting its COVID Response Team. Effective September 1st if a person served and/or staff tests positive for COVID-19 or is exposed, please notify Summit DD one of two ways: 

This e-mail box and phone line will be monitored during normal business hours on all days Summit DD is open. If a situation occurs after hours, you can contact Drew Williams directly.

Info needed for COVID Response Team

When contacting the COVID Response Team it will be very helpful if the following information about the person(s) served is readily available. If the situation involves a staff person, Summit DD is NOT requesting personal information about the staff member. We are only asking for notification so that contact tracing can occur and appropriate recommendations can be provided the people served and their teams.

  • Date person served/staff became symptomatic?
  • Date of positive test or exposure date?
  • Do they wear a mask (if they attend a day program and/or use NMT)?
  • Who are the providers?
  • When was the last date they attended a day program or were on transportation?
  • Is the person served vaccinated?

Informational Meeting for Providers

Given the drastically changing situation around COVID and updated CDC guidance, two provider meetings have been scheduled. The Agenda for each meeting will be the same but given the short notice, there are two alternative meeting dates.

The agenda for these meetings will be identical, just two alternative dates. The September 2nd meeting will also be recorded for those that cannot make either date.


  1. Review the COVID Response Team process,
  2. Updated CDC guidance,
  3. Discuss the workforce emergency, and
  4. Allow time for open discussion/questions.

Once again thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the people served of Summit County. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Drew Williams with any questions.

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