Summit DD staff membersorting cleaning supplies for providers.

Changes to Summit DD’s COVID Response

As Ohio Department of Health Orders and States of Emergency have been lifted as a result of continuing declining case rates, Summit DD feels it is now time to start unwinding many of the COVID supports that have been in place. As a result, effective August 1st Summit DD is no longer requesting to be notified when an exposure or COVID positive case occurs. The email address and phone number (330-634-8989) will no longer be monitored after that date. Should you have a positive case or exposure situation and want to review potential next steps, feel free to reach out to Drew Williams directly at

Even though Summit DD is no longer requesting notification of COVID cases and exposures, please continue to reach out with any PPE supply needs.  PPE and cleaning supplies will continue to be available and can be requested using the PPE request form.

Summit County Public Health and DODD Recommendations

While daily infection rates across Summit County have been holding steady in the single digits, should someone test positive or be exposed, Summit County Public Health advises that the safest option is a 10-14 day quarantine. If someone is displaying symptoms, quarantine should last 10 days since the start of symptoms and the person should be 24 hour-post fever prior to returning to normal activity.

For additional guidance please see DODD’s communication which was published after the ODH orders were rescinded. It has links to CDC guidance for fully vaccinated individuals and recommendations for PPE usage for those providing healthcare services.

Thank you

While there are significant challenges ahead, even with the pandemic currently waning, we want to sincerely thank each of you for your ongoing commitment to the people served in Summit County. These last 14 months have certainly been difficult, but without your dedication to delivering services we would not have been able to get to where we are today. Summit DD looks forward to continuing to collaborate on supporting quality services.

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