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New COVID Response Support Process

Since the start of this pandemic, Summit DD has sought to provide a high level of support to individuals, families and providers in dealing with the impact of COVID-19. And The provider community has been an integral part of that.

We are extremely grateful for the actions that providers have taken to ensure the health and safety of person served. As a result, the current numbers of person served testing positive for COVID has been relatively low when compared to similar size counties. With the reality that COVID will be with us through 2021, Summit DD is still committed to providing these supports next year. However, we wanted to communicate some changes in how these supports will occur.

New Process

Beginning Monday December 7, 2020 any time a person served or provider staff tests positive, has been exposed, is displaying symptoms or has COVID-related questions, we ask that you contact us by either:

The e-mail box and VM will be monitored between 7am-5pm weekdays and checked every 30 minutes. This change should not impact the type of communication providers reach out about. Summit DD is simply attempting to centralize the communication and support process.

When an e-mail or VM is received, someone from our Community Supports and Development Department will reach out to gather all relevant information. Once that information is collected, Angie Brinson, RN, Susan Mullins RN, Joe DiFranco or Drew Williams will reach out with recommended next steps.

Information Needed

To expedite the information gathering process, it would be helpful if the following information was provided as appropriate in the initial e-mail or readily available when the CSD staff person makes contact by phone.

  1. Description of the situation and person served involved. Was someone exposed or have they recently tested positive?
  2. Are there others that they were in close contact with? (close contact is defined as being less than 6ft apart for a total of 15 minutes throughout the day)
  3. Did the person attend day service and/or utilize NMT? Who are the providers of those services?
  4. Does the person and others around him, including staff wear PPE?

During the Holidays

The e-mail and phone line will continue to be monitored during the week between Christmas and New Years (when Summit DD is closed).

However, if situations occur after hours, weekends or on holidays, we encourage providers to initiate an initial quarantine and then seek recommendations and support the following business day.

To assist with managing these situations, Summit DD will be distributing quarantine PPE kits that can be used. However, if an emergency does come up after hours please do not hesitate to reach out.

For non-emergency PPE needs please continue to use the PPE request link for those requests.

Thanks to Providers and DSPs

Summit DD cannot express enough how thankful we are for the work that the provider community does daily. Without your dedication and commitment, we would be unable to manage this crisis.

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