Summit DD staff membersorting cleaning supplies for providers.

PPE Supplies Request Update

Summit DD has updated its request and delivery process for PPE supplies and is also now offering PPE Exposure Kits. Please read the following updates about how to order PPE for your organization.

PPE Request Process Updates

Summit DD remains committed to providing PPE supplies.

  • Going forward, please allow 2 business days for the processing of PPE requests.
  • In addition, all PPE supplies will need to be picked up at the Summit DD Administration Building at 89 East Howe Rd., in Tallmadge.

PPE Exposure Kits

Because same day processing of PPE requests and delivery of supplies will not be available, we ask that you plan accordingly. As part of your planning efforts, we would like to offer the availability of PPE Exposure Kits. The PPE Exposure kit is intended to provide an enhanced level of PPE for a single residential setting for 2 days to allow you time to allocate additional PPE supplies.

Each kit includes:

  • 8 N95 masks
  • 4 Gowns
  • 8 Face shields
  • 20 Vinyl Gloves

We recommend that you request a sufficient number of PPE Emergency kits to have a kit available at each residential setting where staff support individuals receiving services.

Please use this link to request the appropriate number of PPE Exposure Kits


Please do not hesitate to reach out to Joe DiFranco with any questions.

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