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Agency-Provider Header_John-ToomerInterested in Providing Services in Summit County?

Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) connects people with disabilities to the community with best-fit resources, support and opportunities that empower them to lead full, equitable lives that achieve their personal vision for health, happiness and success. We believe in win-win relationships with our providers to cultivate a strong, diverse network that offers support and opportunity to people with disabilities.

Providers of services to people with developmental disabilities may be self-employed individuals (called independent providers) or agency providers, who employ other people.  The first step to providing services in Summit County is becoming certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).  We are here to assist you during the certification process.  Once you become certified, our helpful staff will help get you started and will be here along the way when you have questions or need additional support.

Because the health and safety of of those we support is of the utmost importance, the DODD must certify agencies and or independent providers. Applications are carefully reviewed on an individual basis, and must include documentation that the applicant meets all qualifications and standards to become certified. An individual or agency is prohibited from providing any service until certification is obtained from the DODD.

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