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Annual Analysis Reminder

Each year, agency and independent providers are required to conduct an in-depth review and analysis of any MUIs that occurred during the previous calendar year (See section 5123-17-02(L) of the MUI Rule). The goal of this analysis is to identify agency-wide and individual-specific MUI trends & patterns, and then develop action plans to address and mitigate concerning trends. Read More ›

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Alert: Constipation and Bowel Obstructions

Talking about constipation can be embarrassing, but it is essential for good health, especially for those we support. A 2021 article* indicates that around 40% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) experienced constipation – which can severely impact a person’s quality of life. It’s important that you know how to monitor, document, and communicate concerns about constipation and bowel obstructions. By doing so, you could save a life and support people to be their healthiest. Read More ›

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Food for Thought: Proactive Awareness

Choking incidents are on the rise. Through August 2023, there has been a total of 8 choking-related MUIs investigated this year. These 8 Summit County MUIs involved 7 different individuals, all with no associated Neglects. We are on pace to have a slight increase in choking incidents as compared to 2022. We need your help to turn things around. Read More ›

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Staff Spotlight: Shannon Mahoney

Meet the newest member of the MUI team, Shannon Mahoney. Shannon has taken on the role of Intake Investigative Agent II. Read More ›

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