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Alert: Summer Safety #02-05-24

Summer can be full of fun, but it’s also important to be aware of some of the dangers that summer conditions and activities can bring, including dehydration, sunburn, hot cars, water safety and more. Help keep those we serve safe this summer using these tips. Read More ›

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2024 Annual MUI Stakeholders Meeting Summary

Ensuring safety is our top priority in the MUI Dept. To do that, our MUI team created a committee of people served, Summit DD staff, Agency Provider representatives (of varying sizes), Independent Providers, and guardians to discuss and review MUI data and trends from the previous year. This committee meets annually and looks for ways to curb any worrying trends and keep people safer. Read More ›

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Food for Thought: Oral Transit – Phase II of a Normal Swallow

Summit DD Eat Safe logoThere are 4 Phases to Eating and swallowing. Some phases involve voluntary actions, and some involve involuntary (reflexive) actions.  Each phase requires timing and coordination on its own and in coordination with the other phases to ensure that food and drink get to the stomach safely. Read More ›

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The Importance of UI Provider Investigations

Did you know that UIs should be taken just as seriously as MUIs by providers and teams? Why, you might ask? A good UI process can prevent future MUIs from ever occurring. Below are some tips you can implement into your UI investigations that can help prevent MUIs altogether. Read More ›

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