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Important 2022 Annual Analysis Updates and Changes

In August 2022, The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) transitioned Major Unusual Incident (MUI) data to a new application called the Ohio Incident Tracking and Monitoring System (OITMS). Unfortunately, the transition remains ongoing. The 2022 data and reports used by providers and county boards for MUI Annual Reviews has been delayed in OITMS. At the beginning of the year DODD and Summit DD notified the provider community that the 2022 Annual Analysis would need conducted in March 2023, but due to further delays to OITMS becoming fully operational, these dates have changed again. Read More ›

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Reimbursement of Misappropriated Funds & Property

The Personal Funds of the Individual Rule (OAC 5123-2-07(I)(d)) states that a provider is required to reimburse the personal funds of an individual served when they or one of their staff is the subject of a substantiated MUI. This would be identified by a provider’s staff being named as a PPI and/or by an identified provider systems issue that contributed to a substantiated Misappropriation MUI. Read More ›

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Alert: Winter Safety 2023

As a professional supporting people with developmental disabilities, the winter months may pose some additional risks due to inclement weather and conditions. By following some general winter safety precautions, we can help people manage seasonal challenges, such as travel and dangerous temperatures.  Read More ›

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Alert: Preventing Pneumonia and the Flu

Direct support professionals make the difference in early identification and treatment of pneumonia and the flu. If you notice any of the signs and symptoms listed in this alert, please seek support from a medical professional. Read More ›

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