EC Job Seeker Interests

People seeking employment 

Are you an employer looking to fill a non-traditional position in your organization? We might have the perfect job seeker for that role. This database offers job seekers with specific expertise that could benefit your company. Check out the array of job skills these job seekers have to offer. (Job Seeker Interests are updated weekly.)

How to Use the Job Seeker Interests table:

  1. Look through the list below to find the skills you may be interested in
  2. Fill out the ____ form to be connected with the job seeker you are interested in
  3. You will be contacted by a member of the Employment Collaborative to interview the candidate

For questions or assistance regarding the Employment Collaborative process, please contact Jan Dougherty at 330-634-8171 or

EC Job Seeker Interests Updated 2/28/23

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