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Identified Trend: Misappropriation

Misappropriation (theft) continues to be a concern in Summit County for those we serve. Occurrences of alleged Misappropriations has continued to rise over the past three years from 71 instances in 2020 to 94 to date (as of Mid-October 2022). Read More ›

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Staff Spotlight: Intake Investigative Agent II, Kim Bell

Intake Investigative Agent II, Kim Bell has been with Summit DD for nearly 20 years. While Bell initially got an accounting degree from Stark State College and spent several years working in the field, she says that she knew she wanted to do something where she could help people and make a difference. In 2003, she began working with Summit DD. She has worked in various roles throughout her time with the Agency and joined the MUI department in 2016 after obtaining her IA certification. Read More ›

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Alert: Shunt Care

Hydrocephalus (a condition where there is extra cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain) is usually treated by surgically placing a shunt near the brain or spinal cord. A shunt allows the extra CSF to flow from the brain to another part of the body.

If the shunt is not working properly (no matter how long it has been in place) and not treated promptly, it can result in permanent neurological (brain) damage or death.

Learn the important symptoms to look for in any individual with a brain shunt. Read More ›

MUI Investigative Agent Jamie Garden.

Staff Spotlight: Jamie Garden

Meet Summit DD Investigative Agent, Jamie Garden. Read More ›

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