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Preventing Choking

You make the difference in choking prevention. Please watch this public service announcement (PSA) from Director Davis about Preventing Choking. Read More ›

Fighting the Flu

Ohioans with developmental disabilities may be at a higher risk for the flu due to chronic lung conditions like asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. The risk of aspiration may be increased due to difficulty swallowing, gastroesophageal reflux disease, seizure disorder, tube feeding, cerebral palsy, and suppressed or absent cough or sneeze reflex.

Please make a plan to ensure that everyone who is able receives the flu vaccine early. If you need assistance finding where to obtain the flu vaccine, you can contact the medical provider, the county board QA Nurse, your local health department, or search Vaccine Finder for availability in your area. Free vaccines are offered by some health departments, insurance plans, and pharmacies. Read More ›

Woman in a face shield and medical mask

Face Shields and Medical Masks available for providers

Recently Summit DD saw a significant spike in individuals contracting COVID-19. In reviewing these cases it appears asymptomatic caregivers were a large contributor to this increase. In partnership with the Summit County Department of Health, Summit DD consulted with the Ohio Department of Health in hopes of finding solutions and stopping the current trend.  As a result of the Ohio Department of Health’s guidance, Summit DD is advising that all Direct Support Professionals wear a face shield in addition to a medical mask when providing personal care in close proximity, such as assistance with bathing, hygiene, eating etc. Read More ›

Reporting During COVID-19

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) remains dedicated to health and welfare during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has had a significant effect on Major Unusual Incident (MUI) reporting and trends. Based on the data collected, it is apparent that efforts to reduce the spread of the virus have been effective. Read More ›

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