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Coping with COVID-19

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people over the age over 65 and those with lung disorders, heart disease, immune deficiencies, or who are severely obese have a greater risk for contracting coronavirus (COVID-19). People with developmental disabilities may be at a higher risks for getting COVID-19 because of underlying risks factors, such as respiratory issues, asthma, frequent pneumonias, and silent aspiration.

Direct support professionals (DSPs) play a vital role in supporting people during this health crisis. It important to know the facts to protect yourself and those you serve. Read More ›

Infection Control

Direct support professionals (DSPs) have a critical role in providing services to Ohioans with developmental disabilities, and controlling infection is an important aspect of keeping both the provider and person healthy.

Infection-causing germs are mostly spread through direct contact with skin or other contaminated surfaces. Infections can lead to serious illnesses that can be fatal. Proper hygiene and awareness can reduce the risk of illness. Read More ›

DODD Guidance for Providers

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, DODD has put together guidance for Providers to help you better respond and prepare in order to keep those you serve and staff safe. Read More ›

Abuse Awareness

Today, people with developmental disabilities have more opportunities to be involved in their communities, experiencing new situations and interacting with a wider range of people. Unfortunately, with increased opportunities also comes increased risks. Some people may be more vulnerable to predatory behaviors, like assault or sexual abuse.

Direct support professionals are often trusted supports for the people they provide services to and often are the first to recognize signs that abuse has occurred.

Recognize the signs of abuse. 

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