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Non-Medical Transportation Info

Summit County transportation providers

Last week the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities rescinded all guidance associated with Non-Medical Transportation. This was in addition to the change made previously which removed the requirement that providers submit an assurance form for transportation services. In the communication which acknowledged the withdrawing of the guidance, DoDD advised County Boards of DD and providers to use information from other sources such as the Ohio Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control to develop safe transportation protocols.

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DODD updates for Summit County Providers

Cleaning Supplies

It has now been roughly three months since the COVID-19 pandemic struck Ohio and drastically changed all our lives. To date, (as of June 12, 2020) 17 Summit County individuals have tested positive, with two currently in the hospital, but expected to make a full recovery. While any diagnosis of COVID-19 is serious, the overall health outcomes for the individuals who have contracted the virus has been positive and we are very thankful for that. We thank you for your vigilance and dedication to all those we serve. You’ve done a great job. This is a good opportunity to remind you, should you need PPE or cleaning supplies, you can still make a request using this link.

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Updated Guidance on Resuming Center-Based Day Services

On May 26, 2020, DoDD issued updated guidance regarding resuming center-based day services under the current Ohio Department of Health orders. A large majority of the guidance is unchanged. Providers still submit a provider assurance form to DoDD and the appropriate County Board contacts. In Summit Co. the Provider Assurance form should be submitted to Drew Williams (

Updated Information

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First Aid/CPR and Grant Opportunity

DODD Guidance on First Aid and CPR

We have received some questions regarding the recent communication from DoDD regarding First Aid and CPR. Per the guidance the American Heart Association and American Red Cross have extended expiration dates for 120 days. However, you need to visit the website of the organization that provided your certification for details on how to obtain the extension. It is not an automatic extension.

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