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Health and Welfare Alert June 2

June 2, 2017 Health and Welfare Alert from DODD:

This alert provides critical information to caregivers about staying safe in the summer, while avoiding health risks such as dehydration, sunburn, heat-related illness, and food poisoning.

Click here to read the alert!

Provider Support Information, Contacts and Links

Summit DD is committed to creating a strong provider network in Summit County. We have created a helpful resource guide to important information, contacts and links so you can provide the best service to people of ALL abilities. Read More ›

Provider Docs To Be “Upload Only”

Beginning June 2016, all providers will be required to submit their provider certification documentation and other application materials exclusively online to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).

As part of DODD’s ongoing efforts to streamline processes, faxed, emailed or hard copies of provider documentation will no longer be accepted. All documentation will be uploaded through DODD’s Provider Certification Wizard (PCW).

If you need additional support or help contact us.

Independent Provider Certification FAQs

How do I become certified to provide services?

All certification to become a service provider is obtained through Read More ›

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