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Free Dementia Training Available from Summit DD

According to the Summit County Public Health Dept., Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in Ohio. It is estimated that 10% of Summit County’s population is at significant risk of either living with or developing Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. But education can help.

Knowledge is power

Dementia is a group of symptoms with a number of causes, with Alzheimer’s Disease being the most recognized. Just like people without disabilities, dementia can affect those with developmental disabilities. The subject of dementia can be scary, but having the facts and right tools can help people live their best life. That’s why Summit DD, through a partnership with Summit County Public Health (SCPH), is offering free educational training to providers. This person-centered training offers the basics of dementia (including signs and symptoms), communication tips and community resources to help individuals in your care.

Download the Summit DD Dementia Friends Training Flier

FREE training from Summit DD

Let Summit DD give you the tools you need to support the people you serve. Visit our training calendar to register for one of the monthly Dementia Friends informational sessions or contact Georgi Hudson Smith by phone at 330-634-8885or by email GSmith@SummitDD.org to set up an alternative training date.

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