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Latest Quarantine Guidance from the CDC

COVID-19 Updates

As of 2/11/21, Summit DD is aware of Read More ›

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Updated Adult Day Center Order (1/29/21)

On January 29th the Ohio Department of Health issued an updated order regarding the operation of in person day services.

Group Size

It increased the overall group size from 10, including staff to 12 not including staff. This means that as a provider of in-person adult day center-based services you can provide services to 12 people served in one distinct group, plus the staff needed to provide those services.

Building Capacity

In addition, the capacity limitation which was 50% of the fire marshal occupancy number is no longer in place. You may serve up to your building’s occupancy level should you be able to achieve that while adhering to the ODH order. Providers do not need to seek approval to increase group size for already established/approved groups. However, should you want to add a group a provider assurance form must be submitted to DODD and a virtual walk through completed.

Read the ODH order and DODD’s guidance here.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Joe DiFranco.

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Vaccine Distribution Plan for Phase 1b

As you may be aware, the Summit County Department of Public Health has started offering the COVID-19 vaccine to those eligible in Phase 1a. Last week those served by Summit DD who live in a congregate settings and the staff who work in those settings were able to receive the vaccine.

Vaccine Distribution Plan for Phase 1b

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Survey

Working though vaccinations Phase 1a

The Summit County Department of Public Health has started administering the COVID-19 vaccine to those who are included in the Phase 1a group. Specific to people served, Phase 1a includes individuals served who live in congregate sites and the staff that are working in those homes. Vaccinations for those eligible and interested are occurring this week.

Planning for Phase 1b – Feedback Needed

The State of Ohio has started releasing some information regarding who will be eligible in Phase 1b. Once this information is finalized, Summit DD will be reaching out to all those who are eligible and also meeting with the Summit County Department of Public Health to plan vaccine clinic days for this next phase.

To help Summit DD plan for the next phases of vaccine distribution we are asking all providers to complete this vaccine survey to identify the number of staff, (not eligible in Phase 1a  – day service, NMT, job coaches, etc.) who are interested in receiving the vaccine when eligible.

Independent providers, you can simply state yes or no to whether or not you are interested in receiving the vaccine when eligible.

Surveys must be completed by the end of business on Wednesday January 13th.

We appreciate your time in completing this very short survey as this information is critical as we continue planning efforts with the Summit County Department of Public health.

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