Changes to Vocational Habilitiation and Adult Day Services Rules

Updated rules for Vocational Habilitation and Adult Day Services will go into effect on October 15, 2021. These rule changes were prompted by the decision to make a STEP-like service available permanently even after Appendix K provisions end. As a result of work done between all stakeholders, a STEP-like service has been added to both Vocational Habilitation and Adult Day Services, replacing the Community Integration add on.

What this means

  • Until 12/31/2021 Providers can continue to provide STEP services in groups of 5 or less as they have been since the implementation of the STEP Service. The reimbursement of STEP will continue at the C rate. This includes any current virtual STEP services that are being provided.
  • Effective 10/15/2021 the Community Integration Add on that has been part of the Vocational Habilitation and Adult Day Support Rules will cease to be available. If as a provider you have recently been billing the Community Integration Add on, you should connect with the appropriate teams to discuss adding a STEP authorization in its place. DODD has indicated that the permanent services replacing STEP, which will be called Community VH and Community ADS, will not be available in the system until sometime in December. So, STEP will be the bridge service until that time. Finally, included in the 10/15 changes in-home day programming services will no longer be allowable. Should you be providing these services and the individual would like to continue them, reach out to the team to discuss the appropriateness of HPC services.
  • Effective 1/1/2022, STEP in its current form will no longer be available and will be replaced by the Community VH and Community ADS services mentioned above. This service will be able to be provided to individuals in groups of 4 or less, in person, in the community. There is the ability to stop at a center-based location for short periods of time such as using the restroom, medication administration, eating, but it should be kept to a minimum.

With the ending of STEP services and the transition to Community VH and Community ADS, virtual day services are now a permanently available service option and is reimbursed at the persons assessed acuity rate.

Traditional VH/ADS and Community VH/ADS can be billed on the same day using the 15-minute unit billing rates. Community VH/ADS is reimbursed at the C acuity rate. If Community VH/ADS is provided for 5 or more hours a daily rate of 127.50 can be billed.

As with the current STEP services, people receiving Community VH/ADS will be able to exceed their current adult service budget up to the C acuity funding level should it be approved through the team planning process and support the persons outcomes.

Full Details and Questions

You can read DODD’s Communication around these changes by accessing the October 4, 2021 DODD Monday Memo.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Joe DiFranco or Drew Williams.

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