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MUI Reporting Issues

Timely reporting of MUIs is an area of concern in Summit County. Timely reporting is crucial in ensuring immediate actions are in place to protect those we serve while resources are developed to address situations for the long-term.

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Since 2020, we have opened 20 Failure to Report MUIs in Summit County. This means that a mandatory reporter failed to report an MUI in a timely manner, which then caused harm or serious risk of harm to a person served by Summit DD. This number does not reflect the overall reporting issues in Summit County completely. In addition to the 20 Failure to report MUIs, we have had an additional 391 MUIs reported late and out of compliance in that same time period.

81% of the 391 late reports were due to the mandatory reporter failing to call in the 4-hour notification when required to do so. The total number of Failure to Report MUIs and MUIs reported late since 2020 account for approx. 20% of all opened MUIs during that time period.

reminder iconReporting Reminders

    • Immediate actions. The reporter submitting the report to Summit DD is required to ensure immediate actions to protect the health and welfare of the person served are implemented prior to submitting the report to Summit DD. Reporting the MUI to Summit DD is not considered an immediate action.
    • Written Report. All MUIs require a written report be submitted by no later than 3pm the first working day after any DD-Certified employees’ initial discovery of the suspected incident. These written reports must either be emailed to or faxed to 330-634-8553.
    • 4-Hour Notifications. In addition to the written report requirements, some MUIs will also require an additional notification be called into Summit DD no later than the first 4 hours after any DD-Certified employee has discovered an incident. These 4-hour notifications must be called in and simply submitting a written report within 4 hours will not meet this requirement. We do not have dedicated staff to read written reports 24/7 to ensure proper immediate actions are in place, but we do have dedicated staff available by phone 24/7 for this purpose.
    • Contact info. 4-hour notifications must be called into either 330-634-8684 during Summit DD’s normal operating hours (typically Monday-Friday, 8a-4p) or to 1-877-271-6733 afterhours. The types of MUIs that require the additional 4-hour notification are as follows:
      • Any type of abuse
      • Any type of Peer-to-Peer Act
      • Any Media Inquiries about MUIs
      • Exploitation
      • Misappropriation
      • Neglect
      • Prohibited Sexual Relations
      • See our MUI Definitions and Reporting page for complete information

Summit DD’s MUI Department is happy to help your agency improve reporting with targeted training. For more information, please contact Wayne Hershey at For additional Summit DD MUI resources, please visit our provider website MUI section for details.

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