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Summit County transportation providers

Last week the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities rescinded all guidance associated with Non-Medical Transportation. This was in addition to the change made previously which removed the requirement that providers submit an assurance form for transportation services. In the communication which acknowledged the withdrawing of the guidance, DoDD advised County Boards of DD and providers to use information from other sources such as the Ohio Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control to develop safe transportation protocols.

Summit DD has reviewed information from both organizations and has identified that six feet social distancing should be followed during transportation. Exceptions to this would be NMT transportation that is provided to individuals who live in the same home and transportation services provided to essential services such as DSPs driving individuals to health-related appointments. This is in line with larger business requirements and protocols that have been put in place for center-based services.

Below are two links which Summit DD consulted in making this decision. First is information from CDC regarding transportation, second is a link to the Ohio Department of Health’s webpage where current ODH orders can be accessed.

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