Provider Certification Wizard (PCW) is transitioning to new system — Provider Services Management (PSM)

The Provider Certification Wizard (PCW) is transitioning into a new system titled Provider Services Management (PSM). The transition to the PSM platform will be effective July 31, 2017. The following improvements can be expected:

  • A landing page that shows all of your accounts/roles with DODD
  • A user-friendly online experience
  • A progress bar to show where you are in the application process
  • A “shopping cart” summary of your application that updates as you complete the application
  • An ability to send questions and communicate with Provider Certification within the application
  • The ability to view the documents you’ve uploaded

DODD is excited to offer this new application format and looks forward to feedback. It is also important to note that any applications started in PCW — such as initial certification, re-certification, or demographic updates — but not fully submitted (fees paid) by July 30, 2017, will not be saved.  If an application in PCW is not submitted by July 30, 2017, the application information will be lost and the applicant will need to create a new application in the PSM system.

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