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Vaccine and DODD Policy Updates

Vaccine Distribution for 1a and 1b

As of March 1, 2021, Summit DD is aware of 187 total people testing positive for COVID-19. Weekly infection rates continue to decline with zero cases being reported last week. Also last week in collaboration with Akron Children’s Hospital, 1b second doses were administered to roughly 430 people. Bringing the total number of people served who have received both doses to over 1,400. This number does not include those that have received it as part of a federal pharmacy program, so the actual number of people that are vaccinated is higher.

We realize that there are potentially 400-500 people served by Summit DD who have identified they would like the vaccine but have not yet received it. We will continue to work with community partners to ensure all those who want a vaccine can receive it. Summit DD participates in a call with numerous county departments, including the Summit County Department of Public Health. We are eager to hear how the emergency use authorization of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will impact local supply. As Summit DD receives information regarding vaccine distribution, we will communicate it.

We wanted to share a few other important vaccine related updates. For person served and staff that received their first dose on 2/10 through Summit County Public Health, a second dose clinic day has not yet been scheduled. Once the date is confirmed, we will communicate it.

There also has not been any indication from the Governor’s office when other staff classifications will be eligible. Advocacy to include them in a potential next phase is occurring at the state level. Summit DD is hopeful that once supply increases nonresidential, staff classifications will be prioritized. In that same vein, distribution to support new staff and person served will also need to be set up. We have asked that when supply increases ongoing 1a clinics be set up until the vaccine is widely available in the community.

Updated DODD GED/high school diploma waiver process

Switching topics. last Monday DODD released an updated GED/high school diploma waiver process. Please see the Monday Memo for specifics.

Public comment for Provider Certification rules: Over the last couple of years DODD, in collaboration with stakeholders has been rewriting the provider certification rule. This work, resulted in two separate certification rules, one of Agency and Independent providers. DODD released these rules for public comment. You can access them with this link. Please note: these rules are not finalized. DODD has proposed an implementation date of around September 1st.

Upcoming agency provider call

Finally, Summit DD will be hosting an agency provider call on March 9th at 3pm. You can join the call by clicking on the Microsoft Teams link below or you can call in using the phone number below.

  1. Microsoft Teams link for March 9 agency provider call
  2. Dial in option
    Phone number: 1 312-549-8313
    Phone Conference ID: 229 453 018#

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to serving person served in Summit County.. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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