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The Importance of UI Provider Investigations

Did you know that UIs should be taken just as seriously as MUIs by providers and teams? Why, you might ask? A good UI process can prevent future MUIs from ever occurring. Below are some tips you can implement into your UI investigations that can help prevent MUIs altogether. Read More ›

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New Training Opportunity: Misappropriation Prevention Training

Unfortunately, Misappropriation and Exploitation MUIs have been on the rise this year for those we serve. Summit DD’s MUI team has investigated approximately 116 Misappropriation incidents and 22 Exploitation incidents in the first 10 months of 2023. This compares to 117 Misappropriation and 10 Exploitation investigations throughout all of 2022. To help curb this trend, Summit DD’s MUI team is offering a new FREE training. Read More ›

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Food for Thought: Celebrations for Everyone!

Can individuals on altered diets (pureed, soft and bite sized foods and thickened liquids, etc.) enjoy the special foods associated with celebrations?  Absolutely, and they should!! There are a few exceptions, but those can certainly be worked around. Read More ›

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A Special Holiday Message to our Providers and DSPs

From the desk of Summit DD Senior Manager of MUI, Wayne Hershey: Read More ›

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