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Food for Thought: Celebrations for Everyone!

Can individuals on altered diets (pureed, soft and bite sized foods and thickened liquids, etc.) enjoy the special foods associated with celebrations?  Absolutely, and they should!! There are a few exceptions, but those can certainly be worked around.

Inclusive Holiday Menus

The keys to ensuring that everyone can enjoy special occasions include:  planning, a good food processor and creativity.  Here are a few ideas to get started.

  • When planning your menu make sure you have a variety of items that can be easily processed to the appropriate texture of your guests
  • Sauces and Gravies. Make sure there is enough gravy/sauce to moisten foods, as necessary.
  • A good food processor. Make sure your food processor is in good working order. If not, treat yourself to a new one!
  • Work together. Include folks on altered textures in the preparation of the meal. Make foods consistent with the special diet that everyone can enjoy like, homemade applesauce, carrot soufflé, pumpkin pudding etc., (Check out the link to some recipes below.)

Get the recipes!

Happy holidays and ENJOY!

Stay tuned for more “Food for Thought” in the next MUI newsletter.

For additional resources related to choking concerns and eating guidelines, please visit Summit DD’s Eat Safe information hub or speak with the SSA involved.

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