Technology Support Available for People Served

One of the biggest changes that has come as a result of the pandemic is how we use technology. For many of us, we had to immediately shift from a majority of face-to-face meetings to virtual video calls. The shift to using technology to connect with others also occurred with those we serve.

Over these last 14 months, many people we serve have participated in virtual services or have taken part in a virtual cooking or art class. People served also needed to use technology to connect with family and friends.

As we all know, this shift did not come without bumps in the road. Summit DD has heard that at times internet connectivity (or WiFi) within a home has been a barrier to connecting with loved ones or participating in a virtual experience. General use of devices has also been an issue, including the people individuals want to connect with struggling as well. This has led to situations where a person unfortunately might not have been able to talk with friends or family members or participate in something meaningful. Summit DD is hopeful we have found a way to help.

While we might be turning a corner relative to the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate that some people will continue to use technology in new and innovate ways. To help support ongoing use of technology, Summit DD recently contracted with a local technology support company to offer basic technology troubleshooting to address issues (such as poor WiFi Connectivity and support for general device usage, including the person the individual is trying to connect with i.e. a parent, friend of family member). In addition, should someone be exploring purchasing a laptop/tablet for general use, our partner can assist and provide recommendations.

To access this support simply complete this Summit DD Technology Support Google Doc and someone from Community Supports and Development will reach out to gather additional information and make the support referral.

Want to share this info with a family you serve?

Visit Summit DD’s main website to share a link to our Techvrse blog.

Still have questions?

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Drew Williams.

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