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2024 Annual MUI Stakeholders Meeting Summary

Ensuring safety is our top priority in the MUI Dept. To do that, our MUI team created a committee of people served, Summit DD staff, Agency Provider representatives (of varying sizes), Independent Providers, and guardians to discuss and review MUI data and trends from the previous year. This committee meets annually and looks for ways to curb any worrying trends and keep people safer.

On March 20, 2024, The Summit County MUI Stakeholders Committee met to discuss the MUI data and trends from the 2023 calendar year. Below are their findings.

Overview of the 2023 findings:

Overall, Summit DD investigated 1,457 MUI categories in 2023.

  • Approximately 42% of those were Category A investigations, with Misappropriation being the highest instance category with 145 investigations.
  • 21% of the total investigations were Category B MUIs, with Peer-to-Peer Acts being the highest type of Category B incident with 86 total occurrences.
  • Approximately 38% of all investigation from 2023 were Category C MUIs, with Unanticipated Hospitalizations being the most frequent type of Category C MUI at 409 investigations.

See the full breakdown of 2023 MUI stats and trends

Topics discussed

Several MUI issues from 2023 were discussed by the committee.

  1. How to secure individual’s finances and reduce Misappropriations, if the staffing crisis is still an impact on a provider’s MUI operations;
  2. How Summit DD can assist providers with improving incident report documentation.

For details about the discussion, please see the meeting minutes from the Stakeholder Committee.

Download the 2024 Stakeholder Minutes

What’s next?

Look for more information, tips and best practices on these topics in future MUI newsletters. If you have more questions about the role of the MUI Stakeholder’s Committee or are interested in joining the committee, please contact IA Analyst Matt Klink at

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