CPT-PAWS Change Update

From: Joelyn KarlsonAssistant Director of Service and Support


Providers were recently sent a few forms to use when preparing for a person’s annual meeting, as well as a form to use if there is a CPT-PAWS Change being requested. There have been a couple questions regarding these forms we’d like to help clarify.

  • Change Form:  The CPT-PAWS Revision Request form is intended to be used when a provider is requesting more units/money for someone in the middle of the span.  This form shouldn’t be used for demographic changes or contact information changes.  Those changes can continue to be communicated directly to SSAs or another staff member at Summit DD.
  • Worksheets and CPT Forms: New Services and Annual service authorizations will occur through team meetings as they have.  Updated HPC Staffing Patterns worksheets and CPT forms that SSAs are now using as we transition the completion of the CPT to our utilization staff can be found here.  We are rolling out the newer forms by Manager Team, so please be aware that not all of the SSAs are currently using these yet.  Teams who have implemented the revised forms will send them to you prior to the annual meeting or give them to you at the meeting.  These are just simply worksheets that will be used to enter the schedules/services into the CPT.  To simplify things, previous “annual”  waiver service worksheets were revised and condensed into one worksheet, now referred to as the HPC Staffing Patterns Worksheet. If the schedules are the same as last year, there is no need to complete a worksheet.  Also, for NMT or ADS, there is no need to complete a staffing pattern worksheet.  ADS and NMT can be communicated to the SSA at or prior to the annual. If you have any questions about how to complete the form, feel free to call me.

Again, thank you for your cooperation. Together as partners, we can support each individual to live their best life! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


 Joelyn Karlson
Assistant Director of Service and Support
(330) 634-8354

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