CPT/PAWS Revision Request Form and Service Worksheets

From: Joelyn KarlsonAssistant Director of Service and Support

CPT/PAWS Revision Request Form Update

The CPT-PAWS Revision Request form is now available.  Please use this form whenever you are requesting a change, after a person’s plan has already started.  Simply complete the form and send to the SSA within 15 days of your requested change date.  We hope the use of this form will help both Summit DD and you, our partners, assure that requested changes, if justified, will occur in a timely manner.  If the form is not received, Summit DD will not complete a retroactive authorization.  Please be sure to fill out the form completely, providing justification for the requested change.

New Worksheets

New Services and Annual service authorizations will occur through team meetings as they have.  There are also some newer staffing pattern worksheets and CPT forms that SSAs are now using as we transition the completion of the CPT to our utilization staff.  We are rolling out these newer forms by Manager Team, so please be aware that not all of the SSAs are currently using them.  Those who are already using will send these to you prior to the annual meeting or at the meeting.  These are just simply worksheets that will be used to enter the schedules/services into the CPT.  Please download the attached worksheets as well.

Thank you for your cooperation. By working together, we hope to create a person centered service plan and authorized services that will help each person live their best life! Please feel free to contact your SSA, an SSA Manager, or me, with any questions.

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