Summit DD is Committed to Provider Satisfaction

In 2014 Summit DD surveyed providers in Summit County to gather information about provider satisfaction with Summit DD, their needs, staffing and training, and communication preferences. Here’s how we rated.

Providers rated Summit DD with an average overall satisfaction of 72.6%. Among the main challenges the providers in Summit County face include funding and billing issues, understanding Individual Service Plans (ISP), hiring and retaining high quality staff, and provider on-boarding.  Providers also expressed a need for more frequent communications, especially about best practices and available training.  Email was identified as the best way to communicate with providers.

As Summit DD is committed to improving providers’ experiences with the Agency, several initiatives are planned for 2015 to address this feedback:

  • An overhaul of the provider website, offering best practices, training, calendars and collaborative work spaces;
  • A redesigned, shorter, easier to understand ISP that is person-centered;
  • Creation of a provider support function that can serve as a single point-of-contact;
  • Enhance provider development activities that focus on best practices;
  • Development of an automated provider email function to deliver timely information;
  • Creation of a provider eNewsletter.

We are always looking for feedback from providers and look forward to sharing ideas at Executive Council.  Look for more updates about provider initiatives in upcoming newsletters.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

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