Updated Guidance on Resuming Center-Based Day Services

On May 26, 2020, DoDD issued updated guidance regarding resuming center-based day services under the current Ohio Department of Health orders. A large majority of the guidance is unchanged. Providers still submit a provider assurance form to DoDD and the appropriate County Board contacts. In Summit Co. the Provider Assurance form should be submitted to Drew Williams (drewwilliams@summitdd.org).

Updated Information

  1. DoDD will then conduct a virtual walk through of each setting. While many of you have already participated in that process, the virtual walk through was not identified in the guidance. It now is.
  2. The previous guidance identified that groups needed to be separated by solid floor to ceiling walls. Under the updated guidance the use of temporary walls is now acceptable, if they are at least six feet high and made of a nonporous material that can be sanitized.
  3. Finally, DoDD has removed the requirement that gowns be worn while assisting someone with eating and personal care. Only face coverings and gloves are required.

Just a reminder, should you need PPE please reach out through our PPE request form

Resuming Center-Based Services

If you are ready to begin the process to resume center-based day services using the updated guidance, please click here. If you have already gone through the provider assurance process, there is no need to submit an updated provider assurance form. However, should you want to explore adding another group to an already existing location, an updated provider assurance form should be submitted.

As discussions occur regarding resuming center-based day services there will be individuals who will make the choice not to resume services. In those situations, some individuals may still want the option to continue to receive services from their center-based provider, just not within a facility. Summit DD encourages providers to explore offering STEP services as an alternative. The STEP service can be delivered within someone’s home, in the community or in small groups of 4 or less also within the community. All services delivered are billed at the C acuity rate, with the ability to bill add-ons as appropriate. Specific to the community based add on, this add on can be billed anytime the STEP service is being delivered in the community. DoDD has created billing codes specific to the STEP services, which include a specific code for when STEP is delivered in a way that is applicable for the community integration add on. NMT mileage is also available should transportation occur while STEP is being delivered. However, all guidance issued by DoDD regarding NMT services must be followed during transportation.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

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