First Aid/CPR and Grant Opportunity

DODD Guidance on First Aid and CPR

We have received some questions regarding the recent communication from DoDD regarding First Aid and CPR. Per the guidance the American Heart Association and American Red Cross have extended expiration dates for 120 days. However, you need to visit the website of the organization that provided your certification for details on how to obtain the extension. It is not an automatic extension.

On March 14th DoDD communicated that it would allow online CPR/First aid training, as long as appropriate certification was obtained if the staff stayed in a DSP role. DoDD indicated this was acceptable till June 1st, however, they are extending the timeline until further notice. This means that DSPs can continue to obtain CPR/First aid certification through the blended learning course process. Staff can do the online course and then have 90 days to complete the in-person skills test. Please keep in mind the guidance issued from DoDD is not stating DSPs do not have to complete the in person skills test within 90 days of taking the online course.

To obtain proper First Aid/CPR certification staff must do the in-person skills test within 90 days of taking the online course, or their certification will be invalid.

Locally Funded Services

As previously communicated, Summit DD waived the need for a provider to have a local contract to be able to provide locally funded services. Effective May 21, 2020, providers without a local contract will be able to respond to locally funded service referrals on the provider portal. In addition, service requests are still being posted on the portal. Should you be interested in providing additional services please use the portal to identify yourself as a willing provider.

Grant Opportunity

Finally, Summit DD was made aware of a grant opportunity specific to nonprofit organizations that provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The grant is being offered by Community Fund Ohio. A link to the grant is below.

Once again, thank you for all you are doing to support individuals during this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

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