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Provider Portal Training

Need some help with the Free Choice of Provider Portal? Looking to serve new people in Summit County? Maybe you need help troubleshooting an issue? Well you are in the right place. Below is a handy video and cheat sheet to help you navigate some of the most frequently asked questions about the portal.

Summit DD Portal Info and Tips

Tips for responding to the Summit DD Portal: 

  • Make sure to read the posting thoroughly and understand what the Person Served is looking for in a provider.
  • Address your response to the Individual by using their name.
  • Explain why you feel you are a good fit for this individual by highlighting experiences or similar interests you both share.
  • Make sure that your Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. are all filled in so the person and/or the team can reach you.
  • Double check for spelling/grammar mistakes and make corrections.

Tips for Higher Success:

  • It is best to avoid Copy & Paste responses. Instead, read the posting and create a unique response based on what the individual is looking for.
  • Focus on the service being sought as opposed to advertising all the other services you provide.
  • If residential is being requested, include the address of the home you have available.
  • If Transportation is part of the request, include the type of vehicle you drive in your response.
  • If selected for an interview, treat this like a job interview. Be professional and dress professional. Also, make sure to be on time or 5 minutes early.

What happens after a response is submitted:

  • Portal postings are Live for 5 calendar days including weekends.
  • The posting will be reposted if there is only 0 or 1 response.
  • Once the 5 days are up, the SSA sends all the responses to the individual and/or their Team for review.
  • The Individual/Team will determine who they would like to interview.
  • This can include additional providers they may know that did not respond.
  • The Individual/Team/SSA/FCOP RSS can assist with interviews.
  • Once a decision for a provider has been made, the SSA will close the portal posting.
  • Closing the portal posting will notify all other providers that they were not selected via email.

Why a provider may not be selected:

  • There are many reasons why a provider may not be selected.
  • Here are a few examples:
  1. The individual chose a different provider.
  2. The posting was closed because a provider was no longer needed.
  3. The previous provider was able to continue providing services.
  4. The individual/team decided to put off seeking a provider until a later time.
  5. A medical situation came and delayed the new service.
  6. Too many responses to interview everyone.

TIP: Review the portal daily and respond to the new postings if you are willing & able. The responses show up 1st responses at the top of the list.

Download the Summit DD Portal Info and Tips information sheet

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