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Provider Information and How Tos

Unsure how to change your certification record? Having an issue with the Provider Portal? We are here to help. Below is a library of basic Provider information to help you with everything from NPI guides to Billing information.

Provider Information

  1. Adding A New NPI Number to an Existing Provider Profile
  2. Billing
  3. Important Contact Information
  4. Independent Provider Overtime procedure-summit dd
  5. Making Changes Online to NPI registration
  6. Medical or other appointments
  7. Medications & Administration
  8. NPI-National Provider Identifier Reference Guide-full guide to get NPI #
  9. NPI-Taxonomy guide for DODD waiver providers
  10. PNM for EXISTING PROVIDER -add services and make changes applications and activate counties
  11. Provider Compliance Reviews
  12. Recertification
  13. Summit DD Portal Info and Tips
  14. Timelines Information

Need Additional Help?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our Provider Relations team is availble to help. You can reach them by email at Provider Relations or by phone at 330-634-8110.

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