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2023 Annual MUI Stakeholders Meeting

The Summit County MUI Stakeholders Committee met on July 10, 2023, to discuss MUI data and trends from the 2022 calendar year. Get the latest on their findings.

The MUI Stakeholders Committee is made up of Summit DD staff; agency provider representatives of varying sizes; independent providers; guardians; and people served by Summit DD.

2022 MUI Data and Trends:

Overall, Summit DD investigated 1419 MUI categories in 2022.

  • 38% of those were Category A investigations, with Physical Abuse being the highest instance category with 134 investigations.
  • 23% of the total investigations were Category B MUIs, with Significant Injury being the highest singe type of Category B incident with 77 occurrences.
  • 39% of all investigation from 2022 were Category C MUIs, with Unanticipated Hospitalizations being the most frequent type of Category C MUI at 417 investigations.

For the full breakdown of 2022 MUI Data and Trends, please check out our 2023 Annual Stakeholders Presentation

Important highlights from the meeting:

Some of the MUI issues discussed by the committee included:

  1. How Summit DD and providers can better support DSPs with following supervision supports;
  2. How to decrease MUIs involving falls; and
  3. The state of the county-wide staffing crisis from a provider’s perspective

Meeting minutes from the Stakeholder Committee are available for your review. Download the 2023 Stakeholder Meeting Minutes

Want to join the committee?

If you have more questions about the role of the MUI Stakeholder’s Committee or are interested in joining the committee, please contact IA Analyst, Matt Klink at mklink@summitdd.org

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