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When to Report Incidents from the Past

Do you know what to do if you learn of incident affecting someone you serve that happened years ago? The MUI Department is often asked if providers need to report incidents that happened many years ago or during times when a person was not eligible for Summit DD services. Below is best practice guidance to providers on this unique, and often confusing, topic.

The MUI rule does not define a “statute of limitations” for when an MUI allegation is too old to qualify for MUI investigative services. There are also occasions where DODD has instructed Summit DD to open certain suspected MUIs that may have occurred during a time a person was not eligible for County Board services. As a result, any qualifying allegations that may have occurred in the past should be reported to Summit DD like any other suspected MUI.

The date of when an alleged incident occurred is not a determining factor for MUI determinations. This is true as well even when the exact date of the incident is unknown. This also includes allegations that may have occurred during a time the person was not served by Summit DD or during times a person was not served by you as the provider.

Summit DD may not open MUI investigations for some these older concerns, but we typically will for Category A MUIs that have not been investigated by any other entity previously. Summit DD’s MUI Department suggests that if a provider learns of any older MUI allegation, you should report it as a suspected MUI per your reporting procedures out of an abundance of caution. To help us make an MUI determination on the allegation, please be sure to provide any known information about whether the issue has previously been investigated by Law Enforcement; Children Services; or even another County Board. It is also important to include which jurisdiction or county investigated previously, as well as the outcome of that investigation, if known.

If you have any questions about this, please contact The Summit DD MUI Department at MUIReports@summitdd.org or by calling 330-634-8684.

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