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Important 2022 Annual Analysis Updates and Changes

In August 2022, The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) transitioned Major Unusual Incident (MUI) data to a new application called the Ohio Incident Tracking and Monitoring System (OITMS). Unfortunately, the transition remains ongoing. The 2022 data and reports used by providers and county boards for MUI Annual Reviews has been delayed in OITMS. At the beginning of the year DODD and Summit DD notified the provider community that the 2022 Annual Analysis would need conducted in March 2023, but due to further delays to OITMS becoming fully operational, these dates have changed again.

Independent and Agency providers are now required to complete their 2022 Annual Review by July 1, 2023, (previously April 1, 2023) and send to the county board by July 28, 2023 (instead of April 28, 2023)

2022 Annual AnalysisAnnual Review Completed ByDue to County Boards By
Annual Analyses for Independent
and Agency providers
July 1, 2023
(instead of 4/1/23)
July 28, 2023
(instead of 4/28/23)

You will receive a reminder email from Summit DD requesting your MUI Annual Review on June 1, 2023 with a blank template. (You may also use your own template as long as it contains all of the information required by MUI Rule.)

If you have already submitted your annual analysis, the Summit DD MUI team will process your submission after June 1, 2023.

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