Summit DD's renovated Barberton Facility

We’re moving!

It’s an exciting time here at Summit DD. Our Facilities Dept. and building committees have been very busy finishing up the final touches as we prepare to move into our renovated spaces in Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls.  

With all the excitement comes changes – and questions! We get it. Below are some frequently asked questions that you might have about our move. 

  1. What is Summit DD’s new address?

    • Our Administrative Offices Cuyahoga Falls address is
      2355 Second Street
      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
      *Please use the Admin address for all official communications 
    • Our Barberton address is
      501 W. Hoppocan Ave
      Barberton, OH 44203 
  2. When are you officially moving?

    • On May 2, 2022, our staff can begin using the new office spaces in Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls.  
  3. Why are you moving?

    • Summit DD sold its 29-acre Tallmadge campus in December 2020 and renovated our Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls buildings to provide staff greater access to all of the communities of Summit County.
      The move to Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls will reduce the Agency’s square footage from more than 200,000 square feet to around 35,000 square feet, creating efficiencies. These efficiencies will help us remain sustainable for individuals and families in the years to come and meet the growing need in the community for Summit DD’s services. 
  4. Will this change services for those we both serve?

    • No. This move will not affect any current services.
  5.  How do I contact an individual’s SSA, RSS or another Summit DD team member?
    • Good news! You can reach your Summit DD contact the same ways you did before the move. Summit DD team members will keep the same phone numbers and email addresses.
    • Has it been a while since you have contacted one of our SSAs or RSSs? Check out our handy SSA and RSS Directory online at
  6. How do I know which location a staff member will work out of?
    • No matter which location a Summit DD team member is assigned to, they are always just a phone call or email away. Plus, our staff have the ability to work from either location! Our staff can still plan meetings at one of our buildings or another location that is convenient for you.
  7. Can I see the new facilities?
    • Great question! Not only will our buildings be available to host team meetings or other important meetings, but we will be holding an open house at our Cuyahoga Falls location for families, providers and the community on Friday, May 13, 2022, from 3-5pm. Get the details. We hope to see you there!
  8. Can we have meetings in the new buildings?
    • Absolutely. Part of us moving into the communities of Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls was to give our staff greater access to the community. Another part was to give the community greater access to us. Our buildings will be available for your team meetings, provider meetings and even community-centered events. Our goal is to make our facilities a welcoming place for people of every ability.

Didn’t see your question on the list? Send us a message. We’re happy to answer your specific question at 

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